5 workout changes that can make big difference to the results

5 workout changes to your daily gym routine training, that will make big difference to the results. These all are very small changes, though effective enough to see the difference they make to your workout.

Make your treadmill inclined instead of flat

Walking on inclined treadmill will make you burn more calories as compared to walking on flat. Also, it will build up your legs muscles. Take long steps and feel the stretch on your legs, this will help you build glutes and overall legs muscles. Another advantage would be – it works on your abs as well, if you get the posture correct. So, while walking bend a little forward and keep your abs squeezed, feel that extra pressure on your abs.

Pushing yourself for extra repetitions

Push yourself for 2-3 extra reps for every set. The goal is to feel that extra burn in your muscle till the last repetition and pushing for those extra reps will get you there.

Holding on to your squeezed abs

Abs! Tight abs is something that each one of us want, right. So let’s see the correct way for abs workout –

Make sure to squeeze your abs at every repetition. Don’t leave in between like, without squeezing. Squeeze and most importantly, hold the squeeze. This is very very important. Hold on the squeezed position for a sec or so and then come back slowly. Remember, while doing abs, slower is better. Also, do not count the reps while doing abs, keep doing, unless you really feel the burn.

So, get the above things right and you will see the difference in few sessions only.

Keep changing your workout regularly

Been doing the same workout from weeks, that’s a general mistake we do. Here we have actually reached a point where our body stops responding to the workout making us feel as if we didn’t perform the workout with best efforts. This is actually the time when you need to change your workout. Because the body has adapted the current workout. The change could be done anyway – increasing the number of sets and weighs; changing the exercises altogether; altering the workout order; taking up more than 1 body part; combining 2 body parts on a single day; doing superset instead of normal workout; can opt for functional training as well.

Whichever option best changes your current workout, go for it. Your body would respond better as it had adapted the previous workout pattern. Ideally after every 5-6 weeks, the workout should be altered.

Revisit your goals after every workout cycle

Unlike your financial and  business goals, that needs attention half yearly or yearly, your workout goals should be revisited every 6 weeks or 2 months. Yes, because that’s the time you should be changing your workout pattern as well. 6 weeks to 2 months is the ideal workout cycle to be followed and monitored for results. So, design your workout for 6 weeks and associate goals with it, and at the end of 6 weeks revisit your goals and make necessary changes depending upon the results from the workout followed.

Remember, when you write down things and keep visiting them periodically, it definitely has better impact and provides enough motivation to stick to your goals and even making them more challenging. Hence it pushes more to go for harder and better workout.

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