6 common fitness mistakes that leads to a weight loss plateau

Have you reached a weight loss plateau? Are you not able to reach your fitness goals that you had set few weeks back? If the answer is Yes, then you probably are making few fitness mistakes which are so basic that you do not even realize them. These fitness mistakes in your workout and diet would not let you reach your goals and hence can leave you unmotivated for working out any further.

Now the good part is that everyone hits a weight loss plateau, even the most dedicated person on the floor. The key is how quickly do you figure out your problem and make required changes to come out of it.

Here are the reasons that top the list of common mistakes. Check these points and fix appropriately-

1.Have you been following the same workout from long time

This is the most common mistake, as people start feeling comfortable with their workout routines and so their bodies too. If there is no change in the workout, body will also feel relaxed and hence would not go into calorie burning mode as much as it used to go earlier with the same workout.

It is extremely important to change your workout every 3-4 weeks. The ideal workout cycle to follow should be 3-4 weeks and with every cycle the workout should be changed to give your body a shock, so it responds faster and does not enter the weight loss plateau stage.

To mention a few, change could be any type – change the exercises that you been doing, change the workout split that you been following (change from 5-day split to 3-day split), incorporate functional training for 1-2 times a week along with your regular workout, increase the workout intensity, change from regular workout to circuit training etc.

2.Are you doing only cardio

Often people think that doing only cardio is a sufficient workout. However, they do not understand that cardio can show them results initially (when they are losing water weight), but after some time doing only cardio would get them stuck at that point.

They need to incorporate weight training, along with cardio, to build muscle mass and to keep the metabolism high. This will bring body into calorie burning mode and hence would help achieve a well defined body.

3.Are you bored of your current workout routine

You may be going to gym daily, however might not be enjoying your workout. Have you made it a chore? That could be the reason you do not see any change.

You would not give your 100 percent to the workout unless you really really enjoy it. Make some change to come out of that boring mode – you may add some energetic music to your workout, try different kind of workout like switch to yoga or a zumba class for few days, might look for a gym buddy to talk to or any other change that keeps your motivation high to hit the gym with full energy.

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4.Are you over-exercising

Yes, this is also a mistake, rather a big mistake. Because when you overtrain your muscles, they would not get sufficient time to recover and build back. When muscles do not build back, you would not see any change in your muscles mass Рleading to a plateau again. 

So, always plan your weekly workout in a such way that every body part gets enough time to rest and  recover before training the same muscle again.

5.Have you constantly been on diet

Generally when people start to workout, they start a diet plan too. These smart people keep on altering the workout, but they miss on diet part – meaning they remain on diet constantly. This mistake is very common as people do not know that going off diet and cheating once in while is as essential as changing your workout.

6.Are you consuming same amount of calories as you are burning

Your body may reach a weight loss plateau stage when your calorie intake is similar to the calories that you are burning in your daily workout. It is a simple equation where your daily calorie intake is either more or equal to the calories burned. For your body to burn fat, your calorie intake should be lesser than the calories burned.

So, firstly check your workout and figure out if you have been following the same workout from sometime. Which means your body is in relaxed mode and is not burning as many calories as it used to earlier with the same workout. Secondly, keep a check on your food/diet to ensure required calorie intake.

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