6 must abs exercises for a flat stomach

A complete abs workout should be designed to cover all areas – including upper abs, lower abs and sides/obliques. Also, it should strengthen the entire core. Mentioning here the best and must have exercises for abs. 

Before explaining the exercises, let us see few important tips that really make the workout great and effective –

  1. The form should be such that you feel the crunch in your abdomen area. So, hold your core tight and feel the entire crunch.
  2. For every repetition – squeeze the abs, hold and then come back slowly to starting position. Don’t perform in hurry.
  3. Don’t count the repetitions, keep doing unless you feel the burn in your abs.
  4. Perform with weights and keep increasing it

6 best and must have exercises to get flawless abs

For upper and mid abs –

Crunches with weights: Can be performed in any form –

crunches on flat bench; lying crunches on mat; decline bench crunches; crunches on abs machine; rope crunches

Perform it like normal crunches – just remember to keep your legs fixed and perform the crunch with your abs rather than taking support from your heel/feet.  

For Lower abs

Lying Leg raises: this is great exercise for your entire lower abs. Try keeping your legs as straight as possible and cover the entire range, feeling the stretch in lower abs. Take support by holding the bench (if you are doing on bench) or putting hands under your hips when performing on mat.

Hanging leg raises: these act great on your lower abs when performed properly. The key is to hold your abs tightly and then raise your legs up keeping them straight. Use your abs muscle while raising legs. Ensure that your back is not swinging. If this goes really difficult to start, then bend your knees to start with and then do the raises. Always ensure tight grip at handles.

For Sides/obliques-

Sides twist with barbell on shoulder: this is a great workout to melt that stubborn fat stored on sides. Keep your core muscle tight and back straight then twist with bar. Keep the movement slow to feel the twist.

Side bend on machine or with dumbbells: bend sideways with weights in your hand. Try to bend as much as possible, hold and then return to centre position slowly. Keep your core tight for best results.

Point to remember – complete repetitions for one side and then repeat with another side, rather than getting into a pendulum movement and completing both sides in one repetition.

Entire core –

Plank: without ‘plank’ any abs workout is incomplete. So, finish your abs workout with 3-4 sets of plank. Get into pushup position, keep elbows at 90 degrees with your body, weight on your forearms (shoulder and elbows should be in straight line), keep your core tight, entire body should be in one line, including the head, squeeze in your abs, and hold it for at least 30 secs. This essentially strengthens your entire core muscle.

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