How to avoid quitting gym and stay motivated

Avoid quitting gym

Hey guys, now it is almost a month, when some of us started going to gym as part of our ‘New Year Resolution’, it’s the time when reality hits – we already started to think about quitting gym. We are thinking to quit the only good thing that we decided to do this year, as health being the utmost priority for us. But this thought of quitting gym needs another round of serious thinking before taking the final call. Let us see how to avoid quitting gym and stay motivated.

To start with, let’s see the basic reasons that tops the list – I’m quitting gym because…

  1. Entire body remains sore all the time
  2. Do not have time to hit the gym
  3. Feeling depressed as no change in weight even after hitting gym 5 days a week
  4. I’m not gym kind of person, It’s not for me
  5. Bored of my routine workout now

I’m sure your reason would definitely be one of above listed. Now, let’s see how you can beat above reasons and avoid quitting gym and stay motivated, rather hit harder this time. All above reasons happens because of few basic mistakes that we make at gym, specially in initial days. Let’s see how every point helps to avoid quitting gym and challenge it –

How to avoid quitting gym –

Entire body remains sore all the time

For anyone who has never hit the gym before and do not understand the importance of stretching, warm up and cool down activity, this happens often. This is a very small problem and would be resolved if you do proper stretches after finishing the workout. If you are not aware of the correct stretching exercises, please ask any trainer at gym. At the same time, a light warm up and cool down activity also helps in getting the muscles back to original state and hence reducing any damage that could have happened due to lifting  heavy weights. For more details, read basic questions and confusions for gym beginners.

No time to hit the gym

Oops! This reason tops the list, most of the time. Well, this is the most fake reason also, as we all can definitely squeeze in 30 minutes every day from our busy schedules. But why this reason comes up in the list, is the first thing to discuss. It happens to those people who start the gym with the thought – let’s do a crash course of 3 months at gym and loose all the extra weight and build muscles by spending 2-3 hours every day. The mistake here is: 2-3 hours. Because when you suddenly start spending too much time at gym, you certainly will miss out on other aspects and your schedule will go for a toss, thus putting more pressure on you. Which leads to the thinking of not going at all.

However, the optimum solution is to just take out 30 mins every day and hit the gym; not to torture your body but to feel better. In 30 mins every day, you can effectively cover entire body and hence be on track and keep loosing weight and getting desired results. Go through the detailed article on 30 minutes full body workout at gym.

Feeling depressed as no change in weight even after hitting gym 5 days a week

This can happen when you do not perform the exercises with correct form. Even the walk on treadmill has to be done correctly to get results. So, initially forget about how much weights you are lifting, focus more on getting the correct form so you target the right muscle. Also, walk properly – your core tight and bend a little forward to feel that extra crunch in your abdomen. Another most important point – gym is not a 6 months program it is a lifestyle change. So, give your body enough time to show results. Imagine that you have been eating from years and never bothered to think about calories and fats you have been depositing in your body, so you need to give atleast 6 weeks of time to come to any conclusion before giving up.

I’m not gym kind of person, It’s not for me

I have heard this from many beginners, however per me this does not even qualify to be a reason to quit. Moreover, this is just an excuse to call it quits simply. If you still do not like weights and cardio even after going for a month, then you are certainly not serious about your goals that you would have defined at the month starting. Basically, with this excuse you are not adhering to your defined goals, which shows your weak personality. You should hit the gym keeping in mind only your goals and leaving aside all other thoughts. Trust me, you will become a gym freak. Another best thing which can help and do wonders in this case is having a good gym buddy who can help you stay motivated throughout your workout. Read this amazing article on How important is to have a gym buddy.

Even if this does not help, try other things like dance class or outdoor training. But remember that any form of exercise requires dedication and motivation.

Bored of my routine workout now

If this is your reason to quit, then you should be happy about it. As this means you did go to gym and performed workout very dedicatedly. Well, we should keep changing the workout pattern every 5-6 weeks to keep giving our body something different and also to keep you motivated and curious about learning new exercises. So, actually it’s time for you to change the way you have been working out. The change can be made in any form – changing the exercises that you have been doing so far; changing the number of sets; changing the weights you have been lifting; mix 2 body parts in one day rather than doing just one. So, you can change the workout pattern and see you will again start loving hitting the gym, even more than before:-)

Surely, you are now convinced to stick to your goals that you made a month ago. So, go hit the gym with all fresh energy and specially fresh goals. Yes, always keep a tap on your goals and keep updating them on a monthly or 6 weeks basis. This will help you to understand your body better and also will keep you motivated for next 6 weeks or a month.

At the end, this process will transform you into a fitter, healthier and stronger person.

The Mantra here is – JUST DON’T QUIT

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