Effects of Functional workout exercises

Functional workout

Functional workout or functional training exercises are all famous terms in fitness field off lately. It provides something different that you may have not done so far as part of your normal gym workout routine. And this makes it catchy for everyone to go for it. Almost every gym now has a separate section and even special trainers for such workouts. However, the bigger thought is what are the actual effects of functional workout exercises on your body; specifically to females. Like regular weight training, functional workout also helps you reduce weight. Moreover, functional training helps in faster fat loss. More than just fat loss how functional training transforms and changes your body let’s see in detail –

Effects of functional workout exercises –

Functional workout would help you reduce FAT fast-

Yes that’s the benefit of this workout, it helps you reduce fat fast. So if you have been trying to cut on fat percentage or body fat weight, you should definitely switch to functional workout. You will see a drop in your body fat for sure.

Functional training won’t give you big muscles

Since it involves exercises that relate to our daily movements and generally performed with free body weight covering overall body, it won’t make you build those big muscles. The regular gym workout which focuses 1 or 2 muscle a day does the actual job of building the big muscles. So, if you do not want big muscles but wanna reduce body fat and look lean, go for functional workout. Make it a part of your regular workout schedule. But do not totally miss on your regular weight training. Ideally you can keep 1 or 2 sessions of functional workout in a week and on other days go for weight training.

Functional training won’t give you desired figure; though would make you lean

Yes. Functional training would help you reduce body fat and would make you lean, however would not be of great help if you crave for a good figure. So, specifically for females this may not be recommended, as for them having good figure should be primary goal than just looking lean. However, if you blend this workout with regular weight training, it can give great results.

Functional workout helps in building overall body strength

Since it typically involves entire body workout every time you hit the floor, so it’s great to build overall body strength. Especially the core as it is worked up with almost every exercise under functional workout.

Functional workout exercises are interesting

Functional workout  involves movements and exercises that are different than the normal workout at gym floor, making it extremely interesting. Hence you tend not to miss it and you put all your hard work to try the new exercises.

At the end the most important part – since it involves entire body workout all your muscles would be sore initially. So, not to forget: stretching is very very essential to finish a great functional workout. Before joining functional training do consider the above points to understand how your body will change with functional workout. And not to forget give your body around 40-45 days of time to show the desired results. Don’t hurry on results; hard work finally pays off.

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