Should females train differently than males

fermales train differently than males

Hey gals, ever copied the exercises that your male friends are doing in gym. Most of you will say YES as we think these are right exercises for females too. And to your surprise this is the biggest mistake most females do commit. Because women should not train like men. So the next question that comes is – how does a weight training program affect males and females differently? Should females train differently than males?

Yes women should not follow the same exercises or workout routine as men do for following reasons –

Reasons why should females train differently than males –

Male and females have different body structures and hence females need to focus on areas that are more relevant to them. So, wisely choose your exercises for every body part so you can target the correct areas. Example- during legs workout never forget to keep 1-2 variation focusing on glutes as females should have good muscle over there for a perfect body figure. I’m sure a female walking down the street with toned and shaped glutes never goes unnoticed; so do consider the above point next time you go for legs workout. Another point for legs workout – do every repetition with heavy weight and keep the movement slow and steady-it will help you build more muscle mass even with few reps. You don’t need to count on reps when every rep which you are doing is working exactly where you want it to. So stay focused and go for it.

Few body parts in females do not require as much weight pulling as males would need. Best example would be the exercises for chest. Females don’t need to build too much on chest area, they just need to tone the muscles and hence doing just 3-4 variations with not so heavy weight also would give best results. So never blindly copy the heavy chest decline exercise as your male friend would be doing. Even doing cable flys with less to moderate weight would tone and help give good shape to chest muscles.

Females usually neglect the abs workout as they think they do not require those 4 or 6 pack abs as males have. This is another big mistake gals. Because doing abs workout will tone the muscles, make your core strong and would give you more strength to pull better weights. And trust me – guys really put in lot of hard work to get those perfect abs, so even if you do your abs it won’t give you such solid abs like males. So, go for your planned abs workout per your schedule. Do not miss! It’s a must.

To Conclude

Now when we know why should females train differently than males, remember gals-don’t just start doing what your friends are doing, choose your workout exercises keeping in mind the above points. Finally what you need is a perfect figure with fit body. To get a complete understanding, also read about effects of functional workout exercises.


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