Gym workout: 5-day split strength training routine

Whenever you join a gym, the first question that comes to your mind is – which gym workout to follow? How to split days to cover all body parts in a week? What should be the routine to cover cardio and strength training parallely?

Here you will get all your questions answered.

Well, there are various gym workout routines followed by people. The most popular and practical routine is the 5 day split. This has gained popularity because of the benefits associated with this workout. Before jumping to the benefits, first let’s understand what does it mean. There are other workouts also like 30 minutes full body workout at gym.

What is a 5-day split gym workout routine

In this gym workout, you hit the gym 5 days a week and split the body parts over 5 days so that every part is being worked upon once a week. Along with strength training, cardio is also a part of everyday routine.

Benefits of 5-day split gym workout routine

  1. More variation: In 5 day split since you are covering only one major muscle group in a day, you can perform 5 to 6 variations instead of standard 4 variations that you perform while following a general workout routine. Doing 5-6 variations would keep you more involved and interested to try new variations and hence would make workout more enjoying.
  2. Build big muscle: As we are doing 5 to 6 variations for each muscle group, it leads to better and faster muscle growth, making this a popular gym workout for people who love to build muscle. Make sure you are doing at least 4 sets for each variation to get maximum benefit.
  3. Better recovery: In a general gym workout routine, where you plan chest or back at the same day and then again you come back to same muscle group in the same week, the muscles get more fatigued and you won’t to able to push/pull heavy weights. However, in a 5 day split gym workout, each muscle group is worked upon only once a week, hence that muscle group gets enough time to recover before next workout.
  4. Spending less time at gym everyday: Since in a 5-day split gym workout you cover only one major muscle group, you spend less time in gym every day, making it feasible and practical for people with busy schedules at office, home, family. You can cover all your variations in less time and hence can wind up fast.

The 5-day split gym workout routine

Day 1 – Chest
Incline DB press
Pec fly
Flat BB press
Cable fly
Decline DB press
Push ups
Day 2 – Shoulder
Reverse pec Dec fly
Close grip front press
Overhead DB press
Lying front cable raises
DB/Plates shrugs
Side lateral
Day 3 – Legs
BB squats
Leg press
Hack squats machine
Leg extension
Seated/lying Leg curl
Seated calf raises
Day 4 – Arms
Hammer curl
Preacher curl on machine
BB curl
Pulley push down
Overhead tricep extension
EZ bar tricep extension
Reverse grip preacher curl
Day 5 – Back
Chin ups (assisted, if needed)
DB/bar rowing
Straight arm pull down
Wide grip lat pull down
Seated row
Close grip/reverse grip pull down

Points to remember with the workout

Always start with a Warm up, followed by workout and finish with full body stretching every day. Also, include 20-25 mins cardio after the workout to make it a complete plan for aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

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