Gym buddy: How Important is to have one

gym buddy

Do I need a gym buddy? How important is to have a gym buddy? Importance of gym buddy. All these questions would have crossed your mind at least once. Well, it’s definitely a good thing to have a gym buddy unless that person bothers you more than he helps you. However in that case he is anyway not your buddy. So, having a gym partner is important and can benefit in following ways –

Benefits of gym buddy:

  • Who will fit to be a perfect gym buddy –

    The most important question – how to select a gym partnerWho could be a perfect gym buddy?

    1. Firstly, his gym timing should match with your timings.
    2. Secondly, a good buddy has to be a good friend, so you can ask your queries without giving it a thought.
    3. You should be comfortable with the buddy to have an effective conversation. Also, it is always good to workout with someone who has better and correct knowledge, so you are advised correctly.
  • Gym buddy to rescue on days when you feel low – yes your partner can motivate you on days when you feel low or you don’t feel to workout.
  • Good gym buddy will always push you to go for higher targets- to push more weights; to stay focused and motivate you for those last 1 or 2 repetitions that does burn your muscle making you feel like you have done great  workout.
  • A good gym buddy may correct you on your form as well. Here, remember that your workout buddy knows right things and has better experience. Because getting your exercise correctly is the main thing in entire workout and this can’t be compromised at any cost.
  • A good buddy can make the workout go easy when you really enjoy his/her company and giggling between the sets would help you keep motivated and aligned till the end.
  • Some people hate traveling to gym. For them a buddy with whom they can travel and discuss their workout plans will make their travel fun and interesting. They will tend to miss the gym on fewer days.

On the contrary some people don’t like even talking when they are on floor- 

  • For some it could be distracting
  • For some it could be time consuming as they have limited time to spend in gym
  • Few people are so self motivated, regular and focused towards their workout that they don’t need a buddy around.

So, finally it’s a personal choice. The most important points are – regularity, motivation and focus. If these are maintained; with or without buddy; means you are on right track. So, make a sane choice.

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