Workout with fitness trainer Or Self workout: Which is better

Whether to take fitness trainer or do self workout at gym is a critical decision to make. Let us start by looking at the benefits of fitness trainer.

Benefits of taking a fitness trainer at gym:

  1. Fitness trainer helps to learn perfect form of exercises. This is the most  important point. Doing exercises with incorrect form would not target the right muscle and hence you would not get desired results. Doing incorrect form might also injure the muscles.
  2. Pushes you to do more reps. Yes, the trainer would help you do those extra 2-3 reps to feel the actual burn.
  3. Keeps changing the workout making it interesting. Fitness trainer would keep on changing the workout, giving you more options and variations for every muscle group. This keeps the workout interesting and fun as you get to try new exercises. Also, every exercise has a specific benefit to the muscle that is targeted, so it is recommended to keep on changing/updating the exercises periodically.
  4. A good trainer must advise on diet and other supplements as well. If your trainer is guiding you on proper diet and other parameters like protein intake, vitamins, fat percentage etc, then it definitely makes more sense to discuss all this with your trainer. This helps in understanding the science behind weight/fat loss, rather than you following something/someone blindly.
  5. Makes you do required warm up and stretches. Lot of clients at gym complain of muscle soreness, fatigue and sometimes tiredness. These can happen if warmup and stretching is not done or incorrectly done. Fitness trainer would guide you on proper warm up exercises and also the full body stretches to relax the muscles to avoid soreness and fatigue.

Above benefits stands valid for beginners as well as for hard core gym goers. However, these are more important for beginners, as they get demotivated and tend to quit gym due to reasons like – not getting desired results from the workout; not putting the best of their effort; body remains sore entire day etc. Now, these most probably happens when you are doing self training and doing exercises with wrong form, or not stretching at the end, or not doing warm up before starting the workout.

So it is advisable to have a fitness expert initially, who can guide you on correct form, correct number of reps, who can push you to go for higher weighs, who can help you with stretching and warm up activities. Once you learn the form and gets motivated enough to give your best efforts without any help, you should start working out on your own.

Gym beginners, along with above explained points, should go through the detailed article on Basic questions and confusions for gym beginners to get a more clear picture. Also, read through how to avoid quitting gym and stay motivated.

On the contrary, few people decide not to take fitness trainer even for few initial weeks. They want to indulge in self workout. For them the advice is to be very careful while lifting weights; designing your workout; mixing cardio and weight training at gym.

Most importantly, just stay motivated enough to hit the gym on a regular basis.

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